the mouth of my mind


Who am I? 

Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Lili.



In my twenty-somethings. Born in August, with every Leo quality imaginable.
Lived in Melbourne, Australia all my life until 2017 when after a two-month road trip,
I spontaneously moved to Paris where I will stay indefinitely until my heart leads me elsewhere. 



Since finishing high school, I’ve been doing a lot of starting and stopping,
commencing and quitting, travelling and exploring;
discovering what makes me happy and how I want to spend my time here on this beautiful planet.



I’ve studied Law, Spanish, Drama, Dance and visited 14 countries in between doing so.
I found that travelling was teaching me a lot more than any university had offered,
and in the end was a lot less expensive and was making me a lot hap
pier too.



I love to read books, especially autobiographies and read how people have changed their life around
and their learning journeys doing so. From becoming successful business women/men to quitting their jobs
to finding themselves, to what makes them happy and to travelling the world they
never gave themselves the chance to. A common theme through all, money does not buy you happiness.



When I began my degree in Law I realised straight away, I would be that person.
For as long as I tried to put my head down and study, my heart was elsewhere
and I didn’t know myself enough to commit to a five-year degree for the hope of financial security in the future.
I knew I could continue my climb for commercial success and succeed in doing so,
however, I knew for as long as I did, my heart would never be satisfied. 



I had time.



And I didn’t want to waste that time.



A mentor told me if you’re going to fail, fail fast. So I decided right there and then,
rather than continue to struggle and fail through this degree,
I would stop and do what makes me happy whilst I am young and can afford to. 







Donc, I stopped my studies in Law and decided to move to France. 




I moved to France to find what is essential to me.
To get out of the life I have always known and to find myself as an individual.


Moving away from everything I had known,
without a clear direction or any clear commitments was a scary and challenging (still is) experience.
I still wouldn’t have it any other way. I knew I needed to let go and find confidence and happiness
within myself by pursuing my own desires.


Since leaving home I have re-discovered my appetite to feel alive, my thirst for challenge,
my craving to connect with others and my abilty to create. 

Alas, I wanted to put all of my thoughts and ideas into one outlet mainly for myself,
but also eventually to share with others. A blog, I thought, would suffice. 



 So to wrap this up…
I’ve created this blog to share my journey with the world and delve into my passion in creative writing and storytelling.

Exaplaining things to others, in order to explain them to myself.


I hope you enjoy getting to know me.


 Lots of love.


The Botanical Blonde



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